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SwimmingPoolManufacturer.com is a company which specializes in counter current swimming pools and related products. We also specialize is Hydrotherapy Pools for Sports and Fitness. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter for Fiber made Swimming Pools, Pipeless Filters and Competition Equipments to various countries i.e.: France, Greece, South Africa, Brazil Middle East and USA.

D'art Swimming Pool aim is to provide every possible items and information to swimming pool user and swimmer.

Our field of works includes consultancy for swimming pool both domestic and commercial. We provide all information about international laws for olympic swimming pools and competitions..

We are the leading manufacturer and importer of swimming pools items for India and export

We had done all kind of Swimming Pools: Infinity Edge Swimming Pools, Overflow Channel Swimming Pools, Designer Swimming Pools, Skimmer Based Swimming Pool, Remodeling of Swimming Pools, Pipeless Swimming Pools, Counter Current Swimming Pools, Competitive Swimming Pools, Kids Swimming Pools, Wave Swimming Pools, Lazy River Swimming Pools, Water Park Swimming Pools, Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi, Whirl Pools, Stone Made Swimming Pools, Vinyl Swimming Pools, Fiber Made Swimming Pools, Swimming spa, Semi- Olympic Swimming Pools, Olympic Swimming Pools, Kidney Shape Swimming Pools, Rectangular Swimming Pools, Water well type Swimming Pools, Inflatable Type Swimming Pools, Fountain Swimming Pools, Diving Swimming Pools, All Weather Swimming Pools etc.

We are having a range of 100 no's of products to choose from. We got 3 patents for Pipeless filters.Water mills, Swim Mills, Counter-Current Swimming Pools, Swim & Spa, Swim Spa, Swim Machine, Swim Gym, Readymade Pools, Endless Swimming Pools, Swimming Practice Pools are the other names which we call it SwimmingPooManufacturer.in

We had used all kind of technology of Water filtration and disinfections system such as: Sand Based Water Filters, Cartridge Filters, Micron Bag Filtrations, Chlorine Dosing, Alum Dosing, with Bobbin wound Sand Filter, Fiber Made Sand Filters, PVC made Cartridge filters. Ozone feed, U.V. Disinfections system, Automatic Water Filtration system, air blower aeration system etc.

We have all kind of swimming pool accessories: Swimming Pool Ladder, Swimming Pool Rails, Swimming Pool Side Bars, Swimming Pool Overflow grating, Swimming Pool Skimmer Units, Swimming Pool, Under Water Halogen Lights, LED lights, LED RBG Lights, Laser Lights, Drain Gratings, Chemical Dispenser, Jacuzzi Nozzles, Air Control Switches, Water Inlet Surf Low and Jet Nozzles, Floor Cleaner, Suction Sweeper, Robotic Suction Sweepers, Wall brush, Chlorine Testing Kits, Pool Furniture's, Floating Fountains etc.

We also have Olympic equipments such as Diving Board, Spring Board, Starting Block, Podium, Lane Diver, Floating lanes, Lane Binder Stands, Lane Reels, Back Stroke Indicator, False Start Indicator, Touch pads, Pace Clock, Water Polo Goal Post, Water Polo Caps ,Display boards, Sound system etc.

Safety Items are available such as: Swimming Pool Life Jacket, Life Vest, Swimming Vest, Life Buoy, Swimming Tube, Floating tubes, Shepherd Hook, Life Saver Kit, Life Guard Chair, Life Guard Signs, Artificial Respiratory System, Leg Guards, Swimming Goggles etc.

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