Swimming pool on my roof top , but my friend suggested not to have as sepage and leakage can not be avoided .


Arrdevpools readymade single piece fibre pools is wonder ful and have no worry of sepage and leakage .

no need of any water through out a year.

Bahngirey, Pune

I was making my house in Dheradun in between we though of having swimming pool. but counstruction was 90% over and arch was not ready.

we saw the addvertisement of arrdevpools of readymade pool. and we visited their fatory in Ghaziabad and love the concept of firbre pools and had order

26 ft long pool in my drawing room. it is wonder ful and very private.

after 4 years i still find it new every time the LED light changes.

tony jaiswal , Dheradun

i wanted to make swimming pool with infinity edge and kids pool in it at my farm house.

the arrdevpools made the pool with the pipeless filter and since five years my pool is in good condtions and the cost of ownership is very less as i have other pools also in other farms rented. where sand filters are a problem.

dr. shyam sethi, delhi

the water bodies are the attraction of our place and these are water bodies are having conceal filter of m/s arrdevpools,

we were having space problem but with these filter no space is needed for filtration of water in these infinite water bodies.

kingdom of dreams

we were having a situation at our project lattitude pune, wanted to have above ground, light weight and ready to install swimming pool for commerical use.

arrdev pools has provide us the panel prefabricated swimming pool and it serves all of our purpose. it was light wieght, fast on construction and trouble free with pipeless filter.

bahndari associates, pune

we need the star rating for our hotel and do need swimming pool for our hotel.

but we do not have space and aproval of swimming pool cosntruction was hassle.


arrdevpools had provide us single piece fibre made swimming pool with jaccuzi and other system on our roof top coffe shop.


Golden tulip hotel , amritsar

we were very tense in our project of amarpali green as water avilablity in summer was a problem.


arrdevpools had replace our sand filter with 0% water wastage system of pipeless filter in existing swimming pool. now we have these filters in all of our projects.

as these filters save space, water and running cost.

amarpali group of housing, Ghaziabad

We were having water bodies made but filtration of water was left . in this arrdevpools had provide us the pipeless filter and our problem gone.

Clarion hotel, gurgoan

We were making swimming pools for our pent houses  but filtration room and balancing tank or any pipeing will ruin all water proofing and space was very expensive to waste.


arrdevpools made pipeless filter provide us the solution of no piping and no space was needed fof swimming pool water filtraition.

Hibbiscuss Group, Gorgoan

our design was of infinity pool and filtraiton was needed for swimming pool.

the consultant need seperate plumbing for infinity pool and swimming pool filtraiton .


but with arrdev made pipeless filters and extra pump for infinity edge provide the best of both world.


kings resrve, greater noida

when i wanted to have gym at my 2 nd floor of bunglow , the hydrothreapic pool was the one of choice. arrdevpools had provided me the pool of light wieght as the concrete would have laod a lot on my roof.



raja shiva ji, Banglore

We were looking for hudrothreapic swimming pool for our ortho and spinal injury rehab patient. but as the place was rented so could not make permanent pool.

so liner or concrete pool were out of question. thanks to arrdevpools they had made the single piece readymade pool. it is having all safety feature as anti slipery surface and other hand bars very useful for patient.

Dr. Hitesh, Director of Spinal injury centre

we had a pool in basement but the water fitration needed of latest and finest.

arrdevpools pipeless commercial filter is the solution as it provide us finest filtration of 25 micron and no water is lost mean no heat lost of swimming pool water. fantastic product.

Dr. Pandey, Asian Hospital, Faridabad

I am really Happy with the services off Arrdev International. as they provide me the Combo Pipeless filtration for my Swimming pool it reduced the hassell in mind after the installation. this procuct is really good.


Mr.Thakur ,Pooja Protective Products

we are the one of largest power plant company for our guest house we were looking for swimming pool. we go with pre fabricated swimming pool form arrdevpools and within 10 days we got our pool ready could not be more satisfied with qality and quick servies....

India is at par with Europe.

ABB corporation, sweden

We were thinking to have a pool in our second floor balcony. So we contacted with many pool suppliers all over India. At last we final with Arrdevpools as they are able to proivde the correct customised size as per our space. My wife wanted to have glass wall in swimming pool so that we can have view of water from our bed room.

All is done even our space was such that pool had to be come in two pieces and jointed at site. 


Good work.....


Instead of bath tub i was more intrested in pool of small size.. and i got it from arrdevpools with size of 14 ft x 6 ft x 3ft which is fixed in my bath room. as this space is used with glass window in swimming pool.

I saw first time to have glass wall in pool wall.


Daman Deep

We are retalor and make building and sell them to premium clients. we were based in Salem, TN and to buy pool from Delhi need a through research so we visited the factory of arrdevpools and they are able to show a couple of pools their so we bought one of them and it got installed within 15 days at our place before puja...

size was also good with 25 x10x4ft.  


Our director need the pool filter for their rented properties and filter should be pipeless so that it can be used at other location. we bought commerical filter form arrdevpools with disinfection system of UV it works perfectly for our pool and after a year we took it to other place as well.


We like to have a pool for our staff and we were looking for the cost effective and modern technology. So we go with pipeless filter from arrdevpools. Along with this we also have water fall dropping into pool. 


we do have wonder ful expereince.

ASIAN Hospital Faridabad

The water bodies are as per design but the sapce was not their for filter room or any thing else. so we go with conceal pipeless fitlers of arrdevpools and in each water bodies their are three filters installed and it save cost of installation. less plumbing , a lot of chemcial saved.

Kingdom of Dreams Gurgoan

I wanted to have a prefabricated swimming pool and house at my farm and we find house from China but for pool we find Arrdevpools perfect

we could not imagine to have kids pool, main pool and step with pipeless filter in one prefab pool. We are builder and intended to go with same pools in future....


we wanted to have pool on our 16th floor of building at Bodale road, Kolkata and wanted to have fibre made pool. But since one pool of size 19x12x4ft could not be lifted from ground to 16th floor. Arrdevpools had cut pool into two and join as it is new. we are pretty much satisfied with them and wanted to have their products in our future projects

Ruia, Kolkata

I purchased the hotel and wanted to have a prefab pool but when i enquired find the imported either too expensive or too bad in quality. Arrdevpools is the only indian company which fulfill our demand of international quality with correct prices.....

Pradeep, Nasik

We are looking for swimming pool for farm house but do need imediately use as civil will take one month and lots of permission is needed. we look for arrdevpools and buy readymade swimming pool within 2 days we got nice pool and feel happy that pool installed without hassle.

arun bansal CA

our porject was almost completed and we did not have provision of swimming pool but one of our friend suggested that readymade swimming pools are avilable now in India and we find arrdevpools as oldest and turst worth company and order the pool thier.


thanks now our project had gone up in valuation.

mount view

Bhubneshwar have very few pool builder so we bough readymade swimming pool form delhi by Arrdevpools.


the whole process finishes in 2 days and a lot of time and money saved.

swimming pool roof top

we are making house in vasant kunj and looking for the pool at latter stage and consultant told us to add 50 ton more wieght on roof top,

we started serching the solution then our arch had told us about the fibre glass swimming pool.

now we had purchased the swimming pool with infinity channel and infinity pool can be made.

thanks for arrdevpools

ajay jain
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