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Fountains pool

Railing Fountains

Water Fall Sheet

We provide pool railing to make decoration or partition in swimming pool and we add the water fountain in the same railing for aeration of swimming pool water. Any pool is needed aeration for water to maintain clean and aerated.

The fibre glass made water fall sheet is the fountain kind which take water from bottom and make a sheet of water fall with 300 mm wide and 600 mm high can be placed at one side wall of swimming pool. The drain line is used to pick water from pool.

This can also be used for small water bodies as fountain. The LED light can be fixed into it.

Dolphin Fountain

Mushroom Fountain

This fountain is 4.5 ft high and 2 ft wide with one nozzle fitted in the mouth of dolphin.

Very good for aeration of swimming pool or small water bodies as wall fountain.

This 6 ft high water fountain with 3 ft dia meter of mushroom and very good for kids pool or water bodies. This also can be full fledge fountain.