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Hydrotherapy pools

These pools are for medical purpose and specifically design and built for patient or rehab purpose only. The warm water is provided for and the special equipment’s for jet massage, counter current or cold water is being used for different kind of patients.

Hydrotherapy pool for spine injury patient for mobility in water. The water provides them bouncy effect and Since the patient who under gone for surgery or rehabilitation cannot stand straight but movement is necessary, so the water provide less weight on human body and with support of helpers. The recovery is very fast in these cases.

Sports injuries are also taken care with hot and cold-water therapy for sports persons.

The army or para forces got injured during duty. The hydrotherapy is used to rehab such person in hydrotherapy pools.

Hydrotherapy for pets like dog and cats are being used in case of injury to pets.

Hydrotherapy is also used for horse who got injured with legs.

Hydrotherapy for new born or infants are largely used now a days.

Hydrotherapy pool for orthopaedic department at SMS Hospital at Jaipur. the size of pool is 15x7x4ft.

Hydrotherapy pool for special children at Bilaspur Clinic. Size of pool 9x6x4ft


Hydrotherapy pool for spine injury centre at Faridabad. Size 16×7.5×4.5ft

Hydrotherapy pool for army rehabilitation centre. Army cant Patna. Size : 17x8x4ft.


Hydrotherapy pool for Horses at Bangalore horse farms.