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Pipe less Filters for Swimming pools

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These filters are best for any kind of new or refurbished pool as they do not need any plumbing balancing tank or filter room. We had taken patent for these filters in 2008 and our filters are in use since 2006 and our first filter in semi Olympic pool is still working perfectly after 12 years.

Deck Mounted Pipe less filters

The pool is made with out any provision of filtration system. Or the existing system is not working the plumbing lines had been chocked or broken.

The deck mounted filter is best for these pools and provide instant handy solution for swimming pool water filtration. These Filters can also drain the entire pool within system. The heating of pool or other fountain structure also can be installed with these pool filters.

Two kind of deck mounted filters are available with us.

Technical Details area as under:

Deck Mounted Pipe less Filter

AF-13.5 DECK-F-50Swimming pool of surface up to

500 sq. ft.(25ft x20ft x4ft)

for bigger pool the multiple unit is required

Filtration Capacity 6000liters/hour.

Pump flow rate: 15000/hr.

Patented Design

Commercial Deck Mount Pipe less Filter Model: AF-10DeckF-150

Swimming pool surface up to 700 sqft.(35ft x20ft x5 ft)

Filtration Capacity 10000liters/hr

Pump flow rate: 30000 liter s/hr

Mini Pipe less Filters

This filter is for the pools or water bodies where the water depth is 2 ft or 2.5 ft. Kids pool water bodies are the main places where these mini pipes less filters are installed.

Technical Details:

Mini Pipe less Filter           Model No: AF- MINI -F-50

One filter good for pool size unto : 20×20 x 4 ft 400 sq. ft.


Combo Pipe Less Filters

Combo pipe less Filter is one of the most popular pipe less Filter. It has pool ladder, one under water light in built so serves all purpose for swimming pool water filtration and pool accessories.

Multi-Functional Pipe less Filter (Combo Model)

Model : AF-18UniF-75

Swimming pool surface up to700 sqft.(35ft x20ft x4 ft)

for bigger pool the multiple unit is required

*Filtration Capacity 9000liters/hour.

Pump flow rate : 30000 liter/hr.

Strong body for swimmer movement on filter itself. The top is anti skid.

Retrofit Pipe Less Filters

This filter is for medium size pool for residential or commercial swimming pools.

Retrofit Pipe less Filter

Model : AF-15Retro-F-100

Pipe less Filter of Capacity 12500 liters/hr.( residential pools)

One unit is for swimming pool surface up to 800 sqft.(40ft x20ft x4 ft)

For bigger pool the multiple units is required.

Pump flow rate : 45000 liter/hr.

Commercial Pipe Less Filters

This one is most popular for commercial pool , huge pool or water parks.

Wall Hung Filtration Unit Commercial Model

Model : AF-24UniF-150

One unit is for swimming pool surface up to 900 sq ft.

(45ft x20ft x4 ft)for big pools needed multiple filters.

Pipe less Filter of Capacity20000liters/hour(Residential pools)

Pump flow rate : 60000 liter/hr.

Recyclable floor cleaner

This the floor cleaner with filter on this. Which takes care for all dust and impurity without wasting the water.

Suction pump made of Kirloskar and CF filter 75. Suction sweeper for cleaning bottom of water body 30ft long hose 35mm Dia, with aluminum rod. Floor cleaning With skimmer hose and sweeper head.

Maintenance kit includes: Water chlorine testing kit, Wall brush, Butterfly net.