Let Your Dream Pool

Pool Safety Equipment’s

Shepherd Hooks

Shepherd hook is used to remove any swimmer form water. The hook is made with Stainless steel with Rod attached to it


Life Buoy

Life bouy is made of fiberglass with floating foam in it. The rope is attached with it to pull and throw.

The reflector is attached for night vision.


Life Jackets

Swimming pool life jackets come for saving the life for life guard and other coach. The reflector, quick release system with whistle in it

Artificial Respiratory system

This is the life saving item in case of any mis happening. The oxygen cylinder with ambu bag and mom respirator system for adult and kids. Trolley and stretcher.

Swimming pool Alarms

For accidental fall or any other safety feature for swimming pool alarm for un attended swimming pools.

Swimming pool covers

Pool covers floating type and rail type to hide entire pool inside are used for safety and maintenance purpose. Air bubble kind of safety cover for safety and water temperature control.