Let Your Dream Pool

Prefab Liner swimming pools

Installation process

Two process goes hand in Hand. One is done by local contractor and second is done by pool professional.

Liner pool or steel pools are use less if not made properly. The filling of RCC in panels again waste of time as these are concrete pools.

We use the best kind of technology in making the prefab pools which are 100% prefab as we do not need back support of Brick wall as in case of steel pool or in between concrete as in case of PVC casing pools.

Our fiberglass panels and bracket made of MS can withstand on their own. These can be fully above or below ground. Roof top or back yard.

Our pools can be of any size or shape. The 3D design is made. Then the panels are procured and made at factory along with brackets and other filters and accessories like pool ladder and under water lights.

These are fixed on site and water is filled. Our pools use 1.5 mm thick designer liner which is best in its class.

We need the PCC / RCC flooring as per soil condition to retain the water weight on floor. 600 mm extra floor is made all around the pool for bracket fixing.

Rest of fixing of panels and liner is done by us.

We had made these kinds of pools all over INDIA and exporting to our Dealer network across the world.

3d drawing for prefabricated swimming pool

1. # D design

wall panels for swimming pool

2. Panel errection

liner fixing in pool

3. Liner and filter

farm house pool

4. Pool deck fountain

Semi Olympic swimming pool in prefabricated

In this the panels are jointed to form the wall of swimming pool of size. 25-meter-long. Width may be vary as per requirements. We had done many academy or school pool with same kind of technology.

Roof top swimming pool in prefab

Roof top swimming pool should have the advantage of Light weight and no chance for seepage or leakage. We provide the panels which are light weight which do not need concrete fill in between and external wall of Brick work.

The water seepage or leakage is out of question as these are covered with non-permeable synthetic membrane of vinyl liner.

No plumbing is done for water filtration system and pipe less cartridge-based water filters are installed.

Prefab pool on suspended steel structure

Since our pools are light on weight and do not need concrete filling in between of wall hence can be hang on the steep structure or Ships. We did this wonder full pool on the steel structure on the hotel roof top .In this project the hotel was old structure so new structure is made of pool deck party area and swimming pool placement. Our pool brackets are made of Mild steel and these are wielded with frame and made a strong structure.

Prefab pool In housing complex

Every Housing complex needs a swimming pool so we provide instant and fast construction of swimming pool with our prefabricated swimming pools . These can be installed after all work finishes in complex.

Prefab pools in Schools

We can give kids pool with water depth of 2.25 ft and main even pools for school and commercial purpose. With depth of 4.5 ft or vary as per needed in prefabricated swimming pools. We can provide above or below ground pools as required

Prefab pool at resorts

Resort pools are designer pool and needed to be really good looking. We are providing the designer prefabricated swimming pools for such places. We can make any size and shape of pool with water fountains and fall as per requirement and 3 D design provided.

Prefab pools at Club

Club Pool has to be usable by all like kids and adults so we make such pool within one structure of prefab where kids and adult pool remain at one place and still separated with fencing or railing.