All our pools can be above ground. Perfect for rooftops, hotels, and balconies in Muzaffarpur.

We are leading prefabricated swimming pool, readymade swimming pool manufacturer in Muzaffarpur, INDIA. All Home owners of Muzaffarpur enjoy our wide range of readymade fiberglass swimming pools all around in Muzaffarpur, INDIA. Every customer enjoys the benefits of pool ownership thanks to innovative pools by us. We are serving to residential as well as commercial both types of clients.

roof top pools

All our pools can be above ground. Perfect for rooftops, hotels, and balconies.

Then the panels arrives at site as per design and size of prefabricated swimming pools. these is no limitation for shape and size of swimming pool. The PCC and RCC for floor has to be 600 mm more all around the swimming pool as the brackets of pool has to be fixed all around the swimming pool .

These takes internal and external load of pool in same way and hold the wall of swimming pool.

then liner is installed as per requirement we use the thick liner for the swimming pool so that they provide the more strong surface and better finishes.

The filter is pipeless filter and lights are also fixed as per requirements.

Installation of these pools takes 3-10 days in total . these can be made on roof top or in-ground.

kanpur endless 31 ft pool
roof top pool saket
Fiberglass single piece swimming pool

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  • Reasonable Prices
  • No heavy Concrete Construction
  • Quick installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low chemical costs