Let Your Dream Pool

Readymade swimming pools

Installation process

These filters are made in factory under controlled environment with Fibre and Glass combination with Gel coat finishes. These finishes come in Plain or metallic. The tiles pasting is also possible now with special adhesive.

Single Pieces swimming pool with life long warrantee.

Once filled no water needed on daily basis with high class cartridge filters.

Same water can be used for one year.

Very light weight, water tight structure, no seepage or leakage issue.

Can be refurbished after 10 years or so.

Fitted with Filters, pump and under water lights.

Endless pool, infinity pools, glass pools,container pools etc are additional features.

Models                                                Size                        

Step well pool                                   9.6×6.6x4ft

Step well pool is the most economical swimming pool. This comes with complete set of water filter bag type with skimmer inlet jets, Under water light with inbuilt steps in it.
All clearing accessories are with this pool.
Most of aqua gym fitness equipment can be placed in this step well pool.
Size of step well pool: 9.6×6.6×4.2 ft.
3mx 2mx1.2m
Water capacity : 5000 litre.
Water filter: 25 micron
Pump and motor: 0.7 hp 0.5kw.
Phase : Single phase with MCB.
Steps : 3 no’s

Plunge Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size  

Plunge pool                                        13 x7.5 x4.5 ft

Plunge medium pool                      18x 7.5 x 4.5 ft

Plunge long pool                              23 x 7.5 x4.5ft

These pool are deep pool without any inbuilt steps.

The entire area is for swimming pool.

One pool ladder of 3 steps comes with each plunge pool.

Under water light are fixed from factor with LED light : 14 watt. (warm/cool)

Separate water filter and circulation pump with chlorine dozer.

Swimming pool cover with every pool.

Low maintenance and long life pools.

Plunge pool can have options:

  • Endless counter current system
  • Water heater and chiller
  • Jacuzzi jets and air bubblers.
  • Infinity swimming pools

Size :

length : 13 ft , 18 ft  , 23 ft

Width : 7.5 ft (outer)

Depth : 4.5 ft ( internal)

Rectangular Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Rectangular pool                              19.5 x 9.5 x ft

Rectangular medium pool            25 x 9.5 x 4 ft

Rectangular long pool                    31 x9.5 x 4 ft

Rectangular swimming pools model do have the inbuilt steps in them and fixed with all pool items: skimmer, filter, pump inlet and outlet drains. Under water light(LED/halogen). Pool cover.

Option can be  :

Endless counter current system

Water heating and chilling system

Jaccuzi and air bubblers

Infinity pool

Glass wall

Size :

Length : 19.5 , 25 , 31 ft

Width : 9.6 ft (external)

Depth : 4 ft (internal)

Roman shaped Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Roman shaped pool                        16 x7.5 x 4.5 ft

Roman medium pool                      21 x7.5 x4.5 ft

Roman long pool                              26 x 7.5 x4.5 ft

Roman shaped pool are one side semi-circular.
The steps are made in that semi-circular side.
The water filter, circulation , drain pumps along with pool cover, under water lights and skimmer etc. all are factory fitted.
Size :
Length : 16, 21 x 26 ft.
Width : 7.5 ft
Depth : 4.5 ft

Octo Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Octo pool                                            22 x8 x4 ft

17 x8 x4 ft

This pool have steps on both side which can also be used to sit and jacuzzi jets can be placed there.

Anti skid surface on floor. Water filter , skimmers, inlet nozzles, under water light, pool cover comes with swimming pool.

Optional: jaccuzi jets, endless pool system can be installed.

Size :

Length : 17 , 22 ft

Width : 8 ft

Depth : 4 ft

Olive Spa and Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Olive spa and pool                           21 x 11 x 5 ft

Olive swimming pool is the designer swimming pool in fiber glass pools.

This pool have spa in built for 3 person with diameter of 5 ft and depth of 3 ft.

Kids pool on one area with size of 4 x 8 ft with depth of 2 ft and main pool depth of 4.5 ft .

This also have water fall in water sheet form from spa to main pool with height difference of 6-9 inches.

The pool have jaccuzi jets 6 nos in spa area.

Inbuilt steps to get into kids pool and adult pool.

Filter ,pump, skimmer ,inlet etc all are fixed at factory and transported to your home.

Size : 21 x 11 x5 ft

Bean shaped Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Bean shaped pool                            24 x 11 x 4 ft

Bean shaped pool is have in built steps and sitting area . This pool comes with filters , pumps skimmer s, light and pool cover.

This can be added with additional systems of endless pool.

Jaccuzi system.

Pool Heater etc.

Size of pool:

24 x 11 x 4 ft

Container Swimming Pool

Models                                                Size              

Container pool                                  20 x8x 4.5 ft

This is shipping container swimming pool comes with railing or with out railing. This is ready to use kind of swimming pool with inbuilt skimmer,filter and pumps.

Size :

Length : 20 ft , 40 ft,

Width : 8 ft

Height : 4.5 ft (external)