Container swimming pools

In today’s world the recycling reusing and refurbishing is the key for saving environment and best utilization of resources. Shipping containers are strong and long lasting as these are made to withstand in sea water , ice and hot summers. The steel is made for that. we are using these for ready to use kind of swimming pools with pool deck and all structure in built in these containers.


The container from shipping the material are being used as the outer deck and structure and one fiber made pool is inserted into container. The container size are of two size one as 20 feet long an 40 ft long. The width of container is standard as 8 ft.

We cut the container from middle as height of container is 8 ft so we get 4 ft two pieces from one container and pool is placed as per size of container as 17 ft long for 20 ft container and 36 ft for 40 ft long container. The pool deck is made within container and below that all water filtration system is housed.


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