Counter current machine

Any fiber glass pool can be made endless pool with fixing of counter current machine. waht is counter current ?

when the water is flow in rivver in one direction and swimmer try to swim against that current of water is called counter current swimming .

Endless pool is also work on the same basis as one artifical current of water is made in pool with help of propeller and swimming has to swim against current of water.

now since the flow is made artifically . It can be contrlled with flow 0-100% range with this swimmer can swimming according to his level of swimming . Beginner can use 30% while the expert can use 100%.


the non swimmer also can swim with the help of swimming belt and ropes


Endless Pool – All Questions Answered

Swimming is a perfect exercise. If you love to swim, you can swim in one direction endlessly without having a rather large Olympic size pool. You can install it right in your own backyard.

How Does the Endless Pool Work?

The endless pool has a special propelling system which can shoot the water current from the front end that goes around your body. It offers changeable resistance levels, dependent on the speed settings. This creates a wide and deep water current with a perfect resistance.

The hydraulic motor drives the propeller and cycles thousands of litres of water per minute creating an oceanic experience[VB1] .

The water is pushed towards the back of the pool which drops down into a receded [VB2] channel with special grills at each corner, the water directs back towards the front of the pool. Special dividers in the front curves of the pool, channel the water in the pool towards a fan at the base. There are additional channelling dividers that help the base fan to direct the water into the hydraulic pump to repeat the process.

The endless pool requires little maintenance,


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