Deckmounted Pipeless Filter for swimming pool

The pipe less filter are based on the cartridge filter of 25 micron which is better than sand filter. Surface area is bigger than bag filter and sand filter.

Cartridge filter are cleaned by running water stream from tap and do not needed any special valves of provisions.

The Pipeless Filter house these cartridge filters in them and time to time these needed cleaning.

Pipe less Filter is having following provisions for cleaning of swimming pool water. The first is over flow skimmer from where water enter in this filter. These goes to cartridge filters and then into the circulation pump. The chlorine is also added before the Filter. Now the water is filtered at first stage and get back into the swimming pool from bottom of swimming pool pipeless filter with pressure. The movement of water is displacement of filtered water with unfiltered water is pushed into the filter.

The Deck mounted filter is all above ground and just needed to fixed on top of swimming pool wall on pool deck.

Deck mounted filter is installed in stone pool where no piping or breaking in wall is possible.

The floor cleaning machine is attached with the filter and one hose pipe takes dirty water from pool bottom and feed to the filter and then returned to the swimming pool.

Two kind of filters are available with filtration capacity of 4000 liters / hr and 8000 liters / hr with deck mounted and commercial deck mounted pipe less filter for swimming pool with water filtration duration of 8 hours.

One deck mounted filter is good for a swimming pool of size. : 20 x 30 ft

or 6 x 9 meter. The skimmer is good for this much area.

If size is bigger than more filters are needed. So any size of pool can be get filtration and treatment by these filters.

Advantage : no water wastage. very less maintenance. Easy installation. Life long warranted of fiber made filter body. Cartridge easy cleaning. Each cartridge have 1000 cleaning cycle which is good enough for 2 years.


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