Fiberglass single piece swimming pool

Single piece means these pool do not have any joints or pieces attached the floor wall and steps are made at one time on a dye . The entire pool is taken out as a mold from dye and the layers are made one by one to make it strong and long lasting.

These pools are called Ready made swimming pools as these are easily bought from factory and got installed at your home in no time.

The color and shapes of these pools vary and so the prices. But before buy just make sure the company back ground . The pool maker should be professional and not just one more product seller.

This pool in picture is our octo model swimming pool with steps on both side of long wall which provide sitting space for swimmer. These places are added with Jacuzzi pressure massage jet and 2-4 person can sit at this side of pool. A perfect family pool with 5 ft long seats and 16 ft deep pool area.

The endless Counter current system can be installed in that area for continuous swimming pool with endless swimming pool system.


total size of pool is 22 x8 x4 ft.


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