Olive Pool Multi Color

• Take a basic rectangle and add a similar-shaped spa, and you have got a simple yet sophisticated pool design. The steps walls that lead to and separate the spa raise it above the pool, giving it an almost pyramidal effect.
• water fall alongwith spa system gives the flowing effect in still pool.
• if you wanted seperate heated spa that is again a possiblity.
• the usable are of pool is also important issue.

Readymade Swimming Pool- Olive model pool : 21 x11 x 5 ft

main pool : 21x11x5ft
kids pool : 11 x 4 x 2 ft
SPA : 5 ft dia 3 seater

1. Indoor or outdoor application: GEL coat mixed color for long life.
2. All weather swimming pool : with heating system for water heating.
3. Safe and secure: Steps are anti-slippery and floor is anti-skid even for under water running.
4. Durable and strong: Strong and no support is needed. All above and underground installation. No leakage or seepage.
5. Counter Current: Propeller type and jet based space saver counter current system.
6. Illumination: Under water light illumination for night use.

OLIVE POOL MODEL : SIZE : 21 x 11 x 5 ft
The pool is made with sandwich construction technology used for building ships. The inner coat is gel coat with UV resistant German made Transparent coat. Dura color for best color effect and non-fading properties.

Swimming Pool : 1 no
size : 22 x11 x5 ft OD . Kids pool depth: 2ft 4 inch. SPA 5 ft diameter.
Depth of deep pool : 4 ft 9inch.


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