Plunge Swimming Pool

Get Your Very Own Plunge Pool

Do you want a pool but don’t have space or the budget? You might want to consider a small basin better known as plunge pools. They are typically filled with cold water and often used to refresh after a sauna or a hot tub bath. If you desire a pool to soak and relax, or just beat the heat, wade and be by the water, a plunge pool is a viable option.

Plunge pools can vary in size as they are a smaller version of their larger, in-ground counterparts. They average around 13–22 feet in length and 6–10 feet in width.

Pros of a Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is economical as it is small and shallow and is space-friendly. Hence, it is cost friendly and amazing for singles or couples. Another reason to get a plunge pool is as it is easy to maintain and requires less water.

A plunge pool is built for the sole purpose of lounging, wading, and cooling off rather than swimming and exercising. Hence, you can use it in conjunction with spas or saunas as it has therapeutic and health benefits.

Some people equip the pools with jets for a targeted massage while in the pool or a whirlpool effect for a full-body massage.

Cons of a Plunge Pool

There are limitations to having a plunge pool like you cannot host a pool party. You cannot swim laps as they will be considerably shorter and cannot install a diving board. It works best with other features like a hot tub or sauna. It is not great for families with kids.


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