Rectangular pool for Hotel

The Resorts and hotels in remote or wild life areas are prone to wear and tear and maintenance is also difficult for their remote location.  We suggest Ready made swimming pool for such hotels. These pool are made in single piece at factory under controlled process and transported on truck at the place of installation. The installation also easy and just placing the pool on hard surface is needed.

some place clean water and water availability is issue so these pools are 0% water wastage as we used modern water saving filters. Very less maintenance.

No effect of heat and cold weather.


The heater and chiller can be installed.

This is 25 x 9.6  x 4 ft pool at wild life resort of tented properties and construction is not allowed in those area. These properties are usually on lease and this pool can be relocated.


Nagpur based hotel have this pool.

once filled it remain clear for entire year or season. no water waste or changed during this period.

no major maintenenace as in civil work pools.

Best for Hotels and resorts.


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