Let Your Dream Pool

Swimming pool Accessories

Racing lanes

floating lane 150mm

These are racing floating lanes in between swimmers. The length of these lanes are 25 m and 50 meter long.

The design of these floats is such that water move in between with affecting the movement of lane.
We have two kind of lanes.

100 mm diameter lane with nylon coated rope of steel and both side hooks to encore with one side tighten.

Length of lane: 25 metre and 50 meters.

150 mm diameter lane float with 50 mm ball in between. Each set is 200mm long and 5 pieces comes in one meter. The steel wire with nylon coating and encore and tighten made of SS304 is installed at both end.

Length of Lane:25-meter-long and 50 meter long.

Lane Binders

After the use of floating lanes these needed to be store and lane binder are used to roll and store these floating lanes. We have two kind of lane binder stands.

    Single lane binder:

Made in MS or SS with roller and size of 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter.

    Three lane Binder.

Made in mild steel or stainless steel. With roller and size 1.5 m x 3 meter.

racing lane binder stand

Starting Podium


Starting podium for swimming are of two kinds for semi Olympic pool the height of starting podium is 300mm high and for Olympic pool the height of podium form water level is 600 mm. We have two kind of podium

Tubular starting podium

Size of Podium: 500x 500 mm with slope of 15 degree.

Numbering on all 4 sides.

Anti-skid surface.

The frame is made of non-rusting stainless steel.

Height of podium: 300 mm and 600mm.

Block type starting podium

Size: 500x 500 mm with slope 15 degree.

Numbing all 4 sides.

Anti-skid surface with support.

Frame is made of SS 304.

Height of podium: 300mm and 600mm.

Diving Boards

Fina approved size and design is followed for the diving board. The two parts are there for diving board which can be sold together and separately. In case of spring board both is needed and for diving board is only board is needed.

Diving Board

Length: 5000mm

Width: 500mm

Board Thickness :45- 65 mm

Anti -skid surface.



MS made Fulcrum

Guide Channel

Roller with Rubber Coating

Diameter 100mm


Judge Chairs

Life guard chair or judge chair are 1800 mm high with eye level of 2.2 meter. With or without hood.

Seating chair. Steps anti-skid with Plate form. Chair is made in Stainless steel or Mild Steel.

False start rope

Two pole of SS 304 made with quick release system of rope. Size of pole 1.2 meter. Length 25 meter and 12-meter rope.

Water Polo goal Post

Water Polo goal post with two set of Post on both side with Floating podiums. Goal post of size 1meter x 3 meters. Goal post net.

Side binding ropes on both side 2 no’s.

Size of post: 3 meters

Height of post: 1 meter

Floaters 1.2mx 900mm x 200mm.

Back stroke Indicator

Back stroke indicator is1.8-meter-high with colour full flag attached on rope. Size: 12.5 meter and 25 meters.

Touch Pads

Touch pad for wall and starting block for international events.