Let Your Dream Pool

Aqua Therapy Pools

With the benefits of hydrotherapy pool and aqua therapy pools. We had come up with Wet fit or Aqua fit concept with experience and the great deal of research.

It is found that most people go to gym, but they are not able to do work out as GYM are made to make body builders rather over all fitness.  To be fit and health one does not needed to raise weight or running on treadmill. It is seen that running on tread mill impact the joint and even damage if done for long time.

Similar case is with weight training and the focus are on different parts of body rather over body or internal organ to be fit. One can be fit with yoga where own body weight is used, and lungs are being force to breath in and breath out.

Aqua gym is the work out under water and it can be done in individual or group pools.

Let Your Dream Pool


Aqua wet fit pool and Pods

Aqua fit pools are the pool which are to installed the aqua gym equipment in them. The aqua pods are of small in size and can be placed inside Flats and small rooms.

Aqua pod Size: 1mx2mx1.2m

aqua pod

Aqua pool size: 3 x2x1.2m


Aqua Bike for biking under water

Aqua bike is made of stainless steel with the kind of design in its paddle to resist against the water. The handle and bike seat are adjustable for any height of person. The size of bike is 1200 mm x 600 mm .

Height is 1000mm. Water depth needed : 900 mm.

This bike make heart health, lungs strong and blood flow goes to every park of body. The leg and stomach muscle also get strong.


Aqua Steeper for stepping under water

Aqua steeper is the steeper for under water use only. The foldable aqua steeper is easy to use and fold for store.

The hand grip for holding, hand grip handle are movable for every height person.

Size : L:1000mm x width : 750 mm High: 1200mm.

Water depth needed : 900 mm.

Aqua Tread Mill for running under water

This is manual aqua thread mill which works under water.


Aqua twister, aqua dumbbells and aqua stretch bend


Aqua GYM for Daily routine Exercise